Smart Design

Smart Design is a best-practice website design that is beautiful inside and out. Without saying, your design will be impactful, uniquely brand loyal, and sexy. We can work with your brand book or create from what you describe. On the inside (or code), it will work for the end-user and for the search engines. Your website will be coded to ‘be found and developed to handle your traffic load. Your site comes search engine-ready.


DWG’s commitment to the best user experience and optimal results is a commitment to the best coding. When we select technology, we first understand your purpose. When we code, we code for elegance and longevity. We don’t “work-around” the problem, we solve the problem. Your website will become the smooth, conversion creating machine that you need it to be.

We don’t just code in one language, write to one platform, or operate one server type. With over 20 years of experience and thousands of hours of coding, we work with HTML, JavaScript, CSS, JQuery to .NET, Ruby, and PHP. But to simplify the acronyms, we code in what you need.

The skill of our coders is heads above the competition, and every member of the team prides themselves on managing details to create the best user experience. Our coding process involves ensuring maximum performance, with no slowdowns from unnecessary code. We optimize images, HTML, CSS, and Javacript for the speediest page load – for a flawless user experience.

Mobile First Responsive Design

Mobile accounts for 60% of most of the traffic we see today, and that’s why we build Mobile-First. Our developers build websites and mobile apps, and that’s why we have such a deep understanding of how to make a mobile website responsive. We get how mobile devices are coded, and that gives us a powerful edge to make sure your website resizes on a dime.

APIs & Integrations

You likely already have a group of preferred services to add to your site such as e-commerce, email programs and marketing automation (if not, we are happy to discuss options). It's important that these work seamlessly to protect your data and automate the workflow.

DWG has implemented APIs, code snippets, i-frames, plugins thousands of times. And, if you can't find what you want, Dream Warrior Group can build it.

Open Source & Beyond

When you need a content management system (which is most of the time), we work with all of them including: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, and Craft. We fit the platform to your needs, not what is convenient for us. We can do that because our experienced and knowledgeable team has worked on nearly any platform.

UI Design




Web Development


Dream Warrior does a great job to meet its clients' needs. We were not clear with what we wanted with our website and functionality, LaMae was so patient to walk us through the process and gave us resources to help us realize what we would like our website to look like and do. When issues arise, LaMae and her team are quick to resolve the issue or lend a helping hand. We are pleased with the product and the service that we receive. Dream Warrior Group is a great company to work with. We commend them for their work ethics, professionalism, and fair pricing.


Founder & Chief Scientist - Genomic Company
Dream Warrior's team tenacity and dedication to completing the hardest task has made them our choice when the chips are down. They helped us in creating simple to use, intuitive, and fully functional genome analysis interfaces and associated member and content management systems."


Choreographer & Founder
So if you have a dream project, contact Dream Warrior and they will fight to make it happen.


Marketing Director
Our website enhancements allow for a superior online experience where visitors can access archival material, find out about upcoming exhibits and speakers, and explore everything we have to offer ... across multiple channels.


Art Director - B2B & B2C E-Commerce
I can't praise the wonderful folks at Dream Warrior Group enough for their professionalism and ease to work with. They built two e-commerce websites for the company I worked for in a on schedule with no hiccups at all.


From fashion boutiques to consumables, buyers expect an easy purchase experience and shopkeepers expect data.  Dream Warrior will work with you to select the appropriate software and information structure to move your merchandise.

DWG’s experience includes WooCommerce, Magento, OpenCart and many other open source stores.  We’ve also coded our own store systems that have been live for over 15 years.

Our consultation will also include discussions of processing options if needed

Business Process Management Software

Sometimes a website is like an iceberg, what lies beneath is the important part.  If you need a custom development for your particular business purpose, let’s talk.

We specialize in custom and complex applications to meet your customers, churn your data and result in successful business practices.


Let’s spend time chatting about why you building site and what you desire to accomplish.  That will inform all components of your goal-driven website.

Dream Warrior Group does not stop at launch.  We prefer to work with you to study and analyze your successes.  This ongoing optimization and analysis process keeps you current, secure and leverages the best available information.