Our Web Application Services

The things that set us apart from our rivals are the scalable web apps we build
utilizing contemporary frameworks, organized architecture patterns, and user-centric UI/UX designs.


SaaS Apps Development Services

Our Software as Service (SaaS) specialists will assist you in developing multi-tenant, secure, and resilient SaaS systems to provide your customers with a better and more robust product.

Front end Development Services

Utilize the reusable, dynamic, component-driven design of React or Angular.js to create cutting-edge web applications. Create the functionality and speed we come to expect from mobile apps to any browser and across all platforms without any hiccups or slowdowns.

Backend Development Services

Our software designers create reliable backends with innovative data structures, flexibility for integration, and cutting-edge security in mind.

E-commerce Web Apps Development Services

In addition to developing your Shopify or Magento store, we can also integrate your online shops with your portals utilizing specialized frameworks to accelerate the growth of your organization.

Custom Web Apps Development for Enterprises

Building web-based applications for inventory management, transportation, Scheduling, Franchise Management, school and class management will help you to improve processes and performance throughout the whole enterprise.

  • Define Your Problem
  • Outline Your Solution
  • Draft Your Logic/Process to reach your solution
  • Plan the Workflow 
  • Qualify the developer/development software (no code)
  • Prototype Your Web App
  • Validate Your Prototype
  • Build Your App
  • Test Your App
  • Host & Launch Your App

  • Web apps run on a browser, so developers only need to create one app for multiple platforms. Updates or changes in web apps can also be easily fixed. 
  • Desktop apps are platform-dependent. It must be installed on a computer, and it takes up space on a drive. As a result, desktop apps limit usage to only a few individuals. A desktop app is also not accessible on other computers, so the user needs to have the device with them at all times or work in a specific location to reap the benefits of the web app. 
  • By acknowledging the differences between web apps and desktop apps, it’s easy to see why web applications are replacing desktop apps. Web apps are a part of what many people use every day — the Internet. It’s also easier for developers and users to work with. 
  • Web apps are more adaptable technology, and while desktop technology is still holding out, the future of application development is shifting. Web applications will slowly overtake desktop applications, fueling demand for opportunities in web application development. 


  1. Express JS
  2. Django (python)
  3. Laravel
  4. Spring (java)
  5. Ruby on rails


  1. React JS
  2. Angular JS
  3. Vue JS
  4. Ember JS
  5. Backbone JS

  • Personal Requirements & Business Type. The technology you chose must be dependent on the issue you're trying to resolve.
  • Scope of Project. Smaller projects can often be completed more quickly and without the need for complex frameworks and technology.
  • Features vs. Budget vs. Time to Market. Often we see people coming to us with unsaid expectations.  They want speedy, feature-rich, inexpensive software development - that is an impossibility.  Shop around and see how much will you be charged for your full-featured application and how long it will take, then work your way backward based on your budget and time to market.
  • Scalability. Once you know what you can get for your budget and timeline, then make sure there is both an easy upgrade path, and the software is developed on a robust platform, so that in the future you can have many people seeing your application in all its glory.
  • Security. Finally, no matter what you do, make sure your software can be secured and spend the funds necessary to keep it secure.

  1. Select Your Hardware:  How much Ram and CPU power does your web app need?
  2. Windows versus Linux: On which OS the app is being developed?
  3. Which Operating System Should You Use?
  4. Are You Ready to Host on Your Connection? ...
  5. Configure and set up your server.
  6. Create Your Domain Name and Verify That It Functions.

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  • ... We were not clear with what we wanted with our website and functionality, LaMae was so patient to walk us through the process and gave us resources to help us realize what we would like our website to look like and do. When issues arise, LaMae and her team are quick to resolve the issue or lend a helping hand. We are pleased with the product and the service that we receive.

  • Dream Warrior's team tenacity and dedication to completing the hardest task has made them our choice when the chips are down. They helped us in creating simple to use, intuitive, and fully functional genome analysis interfaces and associated member and content management systems."

  • So if you have a dream project, contact Dream Warrior and they will fight to make it happen.

  • Our website enhancements allow for a superior online experience where visitors can access archival material, find out about upcoming exhibits and speakers, and explore everything we have to offer ... across multiple channels.

  • I can't praise the wonderful folks at Dream Warrior Group enough for their professionalism and ease to work with. They built two e-commerce websites for the company I worked for in a on schedule with no hiccups at all.

  • Invaluable services in the areas of web ... marketing. Some of my clients have several hundred performances, artists and events each year. Being able to get events up and running in a ticketing system is already a challenge, so it is ... refreshing ... to integrate these events into a website as beautiful as the art we put on our stage.

  • ... Many of our cumbersome processes have been streamlined to maximize our efficiency and available information ... has allowed us to respond to change quickly and present a positive image ...

  • Since partnering with Dreamwarrior over four years ago, our online visibility has improved dramatically. This has allowed us to compete with the larger players in our industry, resulting in meaningful web traffic and increased sales. The DW team is always quick to respond to our needs, and consistently offers recommendations for improvement based on current trends and hard data. We value their expertise, professionalism, and availability very much!

  • Many times, especially in the last year, we have been as short-handed as it can get.  Thanks to ARTdynamixâ„¢ and their team, we were able to keep our content going, put on online shows and keep our patrons entertained with a very short staff and next to no budget. 

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