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Advanced Development




Data Management / Information Design


Graphic Design


Project Management




AnyWay Prepaid Hours


ARTdynamix AWS Hosting, Security, Backup


The BaseLine Plan



$775 per month (six-month minimum)
Rest assured with this plan that focuses on the vital basics for your web authority and accessibility compliance.  These important elements need consistent and regular management.  Each month The BaseLine Plan will:
• Perform an Accessibility Scan (WCAG) to ensure your site can be utilized by all
• Onsite SEO Audit (ensures your site is tagged for search and accessibility)
• Site health scan (broken links, responsiveness concerns, duplicate content)
• Monthly report and recommendations
• 5 hours or remediation and updating of items discovered in the audits

WordPress Maintenance



$200 per month (plus needed plugins)
WordPress is the most commonly used CMS – which makes it the most hacked.   So it’s important to keep current on versions, plugins and backups.  Often these require expert support as updates can have consequences.  DWG will:
• Review WordPress and hosting code versions and upgrade when needed
• Monitor malware scanning and manage repair
• Install uptime monitor
• Monthly report and recommendations

Search Engine Optimization/Optimization/SEO

Brand package         $325/month
This package focuses on people finding your organization and main branding information in organic search
• 8-10 keywords
• Up to 6 site pages
• Backlinks
• Tagging
• Monthly report and recommendations

Event package    $600/month
This package is for organizations that have events such as shows, performances and concerts.
• 8-10 keywords
• Event optimization up to 3 concurrent (selection will depend on lead time, sold out level, potential)
• Up to 6 site pages
• Backlinks
• Tagging
• Monthly report and recommendations

Special packages: TBD
Perhaps you specialize in rental events, trainings, personal care, consultations, or something different. We’ll put together a package that focuses on your goals.

Structured Data

Initiation         $1,000
Monthly Maintenance    $150/month
DWG will update based on Search Engine requirements and any related notifications received from Search Console.age that focuses on your goals.

Advertising / PPC / Social Media Advertising / AdWords / SMO

As a percent of budget from 30%
Flat fee available for Google Grant management

*Monthly Prepay Agreement / 4 hour per month minimum