Welcome AudienceView and Vendini Users!

Message from our CEO

It’s certainly been an eventful and exasperating year. But I see from our clients, partners and art lovers a demonstration of the strength and wonder of the arts. Folks are tightening their belts, exploring new ways to interact with patrons, and planning for the future. I have no doubt the arts will emerge stronger.

As a partner and patron of the arts, I want to do what DWG can to support the industry. Our entire team is committed to helping the arts through this time with our expertise, understanding, and flexibility.

If you have reached this page, it likely means that you are facing decisions about your website and the transition to AudienceView Professional. DWG has worked with many ticketing companies and enjoys a strong knowledge and relationship with the AudienceView team. DWG understands cost is a concern:  we are ready to work with you.  I consider this an opportunity to meet new Arts organizations but also enjoy reaching out to lend a hand to Arts providers during this difficult time.

Bright regards,

Ticketing and Development

Ease of purchase or contribution is at the core of organizational success. After learning your processes and preference, we can discuss the best option and architecture for integrating AudienceView Professional so that your path is obstacle-free


DWG’s commitment to the best user experience and optimal results is a commitment to the best coding. When we select technology, we first understand your purpose. When we code, we code for elegance and longevity. We don’t “work-around” the problem, we solve the problem. Your website will become the smooth, conversion creating machine that you need it to be.

We have multiple options for the arts including our own ARTdynamix, WordPress, Joomla, Drupal and a variety of headless CMS, and E-commerce platforms. Together we will find the best solution for your business model.


Best-practice website design is beautiful inside and out. Without saying, your design will be impactful, uniquely brand loyal and sexy. We can work with your brand book or create from what you describe.

On the inside (or code), it will work for the end-user and for the search engines. Your website will be coded to ‘be found’ and developed to handle your traffic load. Your site comes search engine ready.


Dream Warrior Group uses conversation and discovery at the first step of every project. The DWG team wants to make sure your goals are primary. Then we provide feedback and recommendations based on our experience and technology best practices.

We look forward to hearing your aspirational and operational goals.