SEO Analysis Gives You a Leg Up

competitor SEO Analysis

Gaining a competitive advantage over competitors by targeting comparable keywords and audiences is an ongoing effort. Organic growth is difficult to achieve in any business due to the sheer volume of competing sites. Investigating your competitors’ SEO can yield game-changing results.

You may speed up your SEO and content marketing by researching what your competitors are doing right or wrong. Competitor analysis identifies strategic weaknesses in their strategy that create chances for your brand. It also helps you learn from their mistakes so you don’t make the same ones.

Implementing a systematic competition analysis strategy fuels data-driven decisions that allow you to surpass your competitors. Let’s look at critical approaches to include in your SEO and marketing plans.

Picking the Right Competitors for SEO Analysis

Only analyze the sites related to your specialty. It would be beneficial if you concentrated on direct competitors. These are the websites that:

  • Serve the same demographics and client personas
  • Target similar keywords as you 
  • Offer comparable items, services, and content

In most niches, you’ll only need to monitor a dozen or so competitors who offer the most direct threat. Avoid overstretching yourself by tracking hundreds of peripheral sites.

And, every few months, go over your list to add newcomers or remove sites that are no longer relevant competition. The competitive landscape is continuously changing.

Leverage Their Keywords for Insights

Investigating a competitor’s keywords exposes the terms that are driving their visibility.

  • Examine their keywords to:
  • Confirm that you are targeting the same themes and aim.
  • Find out what keywords you’re overlooking.
  • Find keywords for which they do not already rank well but resist the desire to replicate a competitor’s keywords. 
  • Keywords must be related to your pages and offerings.

The idea is to obtain insights to develop your keyword portfolio, not duplicate theirs strategically.

Avoid Repeating Their SEO Missteps

Failure to learn from a competitor’s mistakes is a missed opportunity to gain an advantage. Identify any obvious SEO flaws as you examine their website and strategy.

Look for:

  • Overoptimization for a single term across multiple pages
  • The issues with the internal connection structure
  • Misapplication of headings and metadata
  • Excessive filler information that adds little value

As you develop your SEO strategy, don’t replicate their harmful behaviors and profit from what they’re doing incorrectly.

Spot Technical and UX Issues to Capitalize On

Conducting a technical/UX assessment of competitors’ websites shows performance issues.

Examine the site for mistakes, broken pages, sluggish load times, cluttered navigation, and other issues turning off visitors. Addressing them on your website improves the user experience.

You can even target and outrank specific low-quality pages by improving their themes.

Fixing UX issues that competitors ignore provides you with an SEO edge.

Pinpoint Their Content Weak Spots in your seo analysis

Optimizing content around keywords and themes important to your target audience is an essential aspect of SEO. Analyze your competitors’ content kinds to obtain an advantage:

  • Case Studies
  • Blog Posts
  • Articles
  • Google My Business
  • Social Interactions
  • Infographics
  • Podcasts
  • Videos

Look for areas where rivals want additional content for specific formats or subjects. These are excellent opportunities to address gaps and meet searchers’ overlooked demands.

You can also examine the content they create. Examine their top-ranking pages—those will be difficult to dethrone. Look for substandard content that isn’t adequately optimized as well. You can outshine it with some effort.

And join their email list to see how their campaigns look. Email is an excellent channel in competition research.

Study Their Backlink Profile for Link Building Opportunities

Backlinks continue to be essential for ranking. You can find influential sites linking to their domain using competitor link analysis.

Prioritize pages with high authority in your industry. These are good targets for obtaining backlinks.

Find the sites that link to a rival but not to you by backlink analysis. Those provide more readily available ways to request a link.

Once you’ve compiled a list of pages, you can seek backlinks through broken link building, resource page submissions, interviews, and other methods.

Get Discovered Where Your Competitors Have Presence

Beyond SEO, you must be visible anywhere your target audience looks for information. Determine which communities and platforms your competitors have established their brand on.

To find their presence, search for their company name, ignoring their website. Join the same industry forums, directories, blogs, and social media platforms that your target audience does.

Then, ensure you thoroughly optimize your profiles and engage the community to level the playing field and position you as an option to their audience.

Learn from Their Social Media Practices

Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all battlegrounds for attention and engagement. Examine what your competitors are posting and how they interact with their fans.

Look for qualities to imitate, such as various material formats, responsiveness, and appropriate publishing times.

Look for areas where you can improve as well. Is there a need for more videos? Ignore criticism? Understanding their social media SEO opens the door to stealing followers.

Become the student of your Competitors when doing SEO Analysis

Competitor SEO analysis, at its foundation, allows you to model success. The sites that dominate your space got there in some way. You can unpack the blueprint for your progress by studying what makes them tick.

Use tools to track on-page SEO, backlinks, keywords, and other metrics. However, they also interact with their brand regularly by subscribing, purchasing, reading, and researching.

Consider competitive intelligence to be fuel for constantly improving your SEO and content. You have the map to the top if you have the correct insights.

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