Timing is Everything

I’ve written before about making sure there is human intervention in data.  As much as I love AI (Artificial Intelligence) and MA (Marketing Automation), our eyes are still needed.  If you’ve ever ‘fought’ with a undeveloped chatbot,  you know exactly what I mean.

Last week, GoDaddy experienced a server outage for about two hours and as I understand it was a network disruption.  That disruption kept us on our toes monitoring well into the night.  So as you can imagine, we were on alert for GoDaddy communications.

Here’s what I received the next morning:

It would not surprise me if this was automated or scheduled far in advance – and indeed that’s how it should work.  But here is where the human eye (I just liked the cat-eye picture) comes in to play – let’s keep things in mind and double check marketing tasks if something significant happens – that may be in the news or internally.

Important Note:  This is not in any way meant to disparage GoDaddy – we use them often and indeed resell at Silver Lining Host.  And, for the most part, their media communications are a model that any of us could use.