Crucial Tips for GBP Optimization

Suppose you have followed up with our past articles. In that case, it is time now to focus on how an optimized Google Business Profile (GBP) can help you surface more often in the local pack and search results. Here are the five crucial tips for GBP optimization:


Choosing the correct categories can mean the difference between your site appearing high in the local pack or not appearing.
Before deciding on a primary category, please review the competitors to see the popular options. Specific industries, such as plumbing, will have a clear first choice. However, for organizations that provide numerous services, you may be forced to make a difficult decision. Relevancy, competition research, and keyword data can all assist you in making the best option possible. (you may want to consider your ROI on each option)
Secondary categories have the opportunity to add supplemental services. You are given nine secondary categories, although you can only use some.

Links & Attributes

The chosen principle category will impact the features and even traits offered to the company. The restaurant category, for example, will include several dining options or qualities. A GBP also has more general characteristics like accessibility and payment methods.
A GBPs primary purpose is often to drive traffic to a client’s website. To that purpose, Google offers a variety of local business links, such as arranging an appointment, placing an order, viewing a menu, and more. It would help if you used UTM tracking on your URLs to collect data for your clients.


To grab readers’ attention and fill the profile with pertinent search terms, you have 750 characters (including spaces) in the GBP company description. A brief history of the company, points of uniqueness, and personality can all be included in the description, which also targets industry keywords and fosters consumer confidence.

GBP & Services

Be succinct and direct with your service descriptions. Keep them to 250 characters or less, and concentrate exclusively on the service offered. The services tab is only accessible on mobile devices at the moment. Still, don’t be shocked if it eventually makes its way to the desktop.
Google may occasionally pull information about a company’s services from its website, so keep an eye on your GBP. Additionally, remember that Google may sometimes cite services as reasoning why a company is listed for a specific local pack.

GBP & Products

Last but not least, GBP Products is a tool that is underutilized but has the potential to improve a profile. You can create compelling, keyword-rich product descriptions that entice customers to visit the company’s website (with UTM tracking included). Aim for 100 words or less, and remember to update product details that need to be corrected. Please take advantage of the fact that Google is now comfortable with companies listing services under their products.

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