The Cesar Chavez Foundation has worked for over 50 years to advance the causes of the Latino community across the United States. The Cesar Chavez Foundation is a multi-faceted organization, focusing on worker’s rights, housing and development, education and more.

The mission of the Cesar Chavez Foundation is to continue the work and legacy of Cesar Chavez, which is to organize, protect, and educate the labor and farm labor communities across the United States. Because of the effort and magnitude of his work, the Cesar Chavez Foundation continues to balance the many diverse needs of this diverse community.

Developing a clean and easy to navigate website was paramount in the development of the Cesar Chavez Foundation site. A simple to navigate site allows visitors and users to quickly find the information they need to know about both Cesar Chavez and the Foundation, including contact and licensing information, both of which are mission critical to the continued success of the Foundation.

Combined with the new and improved Cesar Chavez Foundation Store (that we are also proud to have developed), we’re excited to announce the launch of the Cesar Chavez Foundation’s new website and our effort in helping to continue Cesar’s mission.