Almost 20 years ago, we worked with a premiere theatre, to develop a content management system to help them sell their shows. ARTdynamix, the CMS built for the arts, was developed to help sell them tickets and increase their retention numbers.

Since then, we’ve expanded massively to become a full-service digital design agency. We develop everything from websites to apps to custom software and plugins. We handle everything from start to finish when it comes to digital marketing. As your app development team, you have a team with tens of thousands of hours of coding experience at your side. With us, you can develop powerful in-house apps and outdoor mobile apps that can run transactions and geo-locate your customers. Our work includes:

  • Consulting and developing apps to increase your business and profits.
  • Developing purchase funnels specifically for your mobile app.
  • Creating custom templates and layouts for your mobile design.
  • Building and coding custom plugins for your unique digital marketing issues.
  • Providing SEO and SMO support for your app, including AdSense.
  • Content development and deployment, to make sure your content is king.
  • Integrating Shopping Carts, to make sure your products can always be purchased from a mobile device.