Road Trip – Hello Festival Mozaic

Since Covid, our desire to visit clients has increased and last week, we had the opportunity to head up the coast to visit Festival Mozaic in San Luis Obispo County!  Although mid-festival and a flurry of activities, we had the opportunity to chat with the team and see a breathtaking performance. As you can see, I took the opportunity to pose with David George – General Manager.

It was a delight to meet the team as they prepared for an event! What a pleasant, helpful and fun group. I also took advantage of the SWAG table as well (a few shirts, wine tumbler and, of course, a tote bag).

To our good fortune, we were able to attend a concert by Brian Stokes Mitchell. Wow!!! I was awestruck. If you aren’t familiar with his Broadway history and 2 Tony awards, you may remember this – it’s a quick but great watch:

I can’t sign off without telling you a bit about Dream Warrior Group’s work with Festival Mozaic. The Festival’s website is on our premiere Arts product ARTdynamix® – a content management system with unique features designed for the arts. In addition, Festival Mozaic added a private area for ease of information distribution to their BOD.

Thanks Festival Mozaic for the beauty you bring to the world — and allowing us help, even just a little.


Welcome Dottie Hunter!

DWG is thrilled to announce the arrival of Dottie Hunter to our team. Dottie has worked in the Arts and Technology field for over 10 years — and that’s how we met and saw her great work. Now, our clients and prospective clients will have the opportunity to work with Dottie to find the right fit within DWG’s diverse set of products and services.

Dottie can be reached at: or 818.538.8846

Dottie has over 20 years of consulting and sales experience focusing on SaaS business solutions, including 10+ years consulting with the performing arts and live entertainment organizations interested in SaaS business solutions for ticketing, marketing, fundraising, reporting, and CRM options. She is focused on understanding the clients’ business needs, short term and long term, then mutually determining best options to improve processes, enhance their customers experience, and  drive revenue growth.

Dottie has a Bachelor of Science in Business and Liberal Arts.

Fun Fact: When she moved from Boston to Phoenix 5 years ago, she went from spin classes in the gym to outdoor cycling and never looked back. She surprised herself and her Boston friends when she started joining local bike races, including a Century Ride. Who knew?

ARTdynamix earns Trademark®

The Dream Warrior Team is proud to add an ® to our brand assets since we’ve earned a valued US Trademark for our premiere product ARTdynamix®. Congratulations to the entire team for all your hard work on the new ARTdynamix®  CMS and marketing tool for the arts.

USPTO Says ARTdynamix is a REGISTERED TRADEMARK as follows:

“Custom design of cloud based enterprise computer software for the function of creating and hosting websites enhanced with marketing tools specific to the performing arts industry; Providing online non-downloadable Cloud-based enterprise software available as a software as service featuring software for the function of creating and hosting websites enhanced with marketing tools specific to the performing arts industry.”

Idaho State Civic Symphony now on the latest ARTdynamix® platform

Without any background in web design or maintenance, I never would have imagined that I’d be guiding the look of and updating content on a website for a symphony orchestra, while enjoying the creative process and getting excited about adding new pages. Keeping the ISCS ARTdynamix® website fresh, user-friendly, and engaging has become one of the favorite parts of my job thanks to the incredible “Dream Team” at Dream Warrior Group with their patience, responsiveness, and outright brilliance.
They are an absolute joy to work with (and know how to keep me calm).


Last week, Idaho State Civic Symphony (ISCS) took the plunge and upgraded their site to the newest ARTdynamix® with the re-imagined, easy-to-use CMS.  ISCS has been using ARTdynamix® for over 5-years with great success but said ‘yes’ quickly when our Project Manager demonstrated the features including drag n’ drop page builder, content versioning, private areas, show, class and artist management, the ability to change the navigation on the fly and easy integration with leading show ticketing solutions.

“Making Magic and Changing Lives in our Spectacular Home.”
ISCS Mission

Established in the early 1900s, ISCS is the oldest orchestra in the State of Idaho.   Since April of 2005, the Symphony and our audiences have enjoyed the benefits of the incredible acoustics of the Joseph C. Jensen Grand Concert Hall of the L.E. and Thelma E. Stephens Performing Arts Center. The Center is an imposing 123,000 square-foot edifice of classic design, with a hub-and-spoke arrangement centered on the large Marshall Rotunda lobby, which serves us as a venue for our pre-concert activities and chamber music.

DWG looks forward to partnering with ISCS for many years to come — our goal is to make their website easier to manage and effective for ticket selling and information sharing.


How do I select keywords

So many factors go into keyword selection – the first being: Do I need keywords? Many folks will tell you keywords are no longer relevant, but that only tells part of the story. Indeed, it would help if you considered keyword strings or key phrases (approximately 3 – 5 words). And while it is correct, keywords don’t have the same impact on search bots. They are essential in these ways:

How do you pick the right keywords? First, remember that this, like all marketing, is some trial and error — that’s OK as long as you learn from it.

  • The first thing I do is think. Who and why do I want folks to land on this page? So, for example, if my desired audience is tourists, I might use the term “Jazz Event Calendar for New York” or “Jazz in Los Angeles .”If trying to capture a local market, I might use “Live Jazz performances near me” or “Jazz concert schedule for New York City.”
  • Map out the pages on your site and select the strings that match the content — context is essential and strategic.

Recently Google published information about Key Word and search trends:

Top 2021 Trends per Google

(be sure to read #2 about evolving entertainment)

-near me with outdoor seating +150%

-stadium seating +600%

-in a theater near me, +500%

-live music near me +40%

Search Trends

‘Cheap’ searches

Sorting and selecting your keywords is as simple as knowing your clients and what is trending.

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