Kedar Sathe

Kedar Sathe : Chief Operating Officer: Since 2015

A visionary thought leader who has been creating opportunities, and solving problems for over 20 years through innovative and creative use of technology. Mr. Sathe’s experience spans industries such as consumer banking, consumer and commercial lending and servicing, risk management, oil and gas, insurance, and market research. Previously, Mr. Sathe was Head of Consumer and Internet Banking Technologies at OneWest Bank, and CIT Bank.
Mr. Sathe has authored a book, The Golden Age of Drive-Thru IT – The True Potential of IT and How IT Sells Itself Short, to share his ideas for improving current practices and educating the next generation of technology professionals. Mr. Sathe has been a board member of Convalescent Aid Society (CAS), a 92-year old organization that provides durable medical equipment (for free) to those in the Los Angeles area.

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