Adnan : PHP / AJAX / ASP / Joomla Sr. Developer; Since 2013

"Many success and a few failures later, I am still in beta. . . Its still the first day of my professional life. . .". Adnan certainly has a keen knack for what he does. Combine that gift with his BSc, several other trainings and certificates, his determined attitude, and his quest for mastery, he is a Dream Warrior MVP. Joomla, SaaS, Mobile Apps, PHP, Perl, jQuery, AJAX, Yii, Custom PHP, and extensive experience in software development are only a small part of his impressive cache of skills. Additionally, Adnan efficiently strives for assuring quality and bug free code. Fluent and agile in both the development arena and the management field, Adnan believes in teamwork and is well liked by all who have had the opportunity to work with him. Managing multiple teams and projects along his evolving career has given Adnan the opportunity to grow and develop both personally and professionally.

Adnan is our 'go to' information guy and handles many responsibilities...always with the utmost care and regard for client outcomes.

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